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Technical Aspects

OpenLSM has three components:

  • The extension in the email client: it is for now a Thunderbird extension that could run on any type of OS (Windows and Linux) by adapting the final script that is called (sending both message and index).

The extension is written in Java and XUL for the interface and then in shell mode (bat or sh).

For now, the solution is for one mail at a time. We try to make it available for several mails selected by the user at a time.

  • The server implementation is simply an extension of OpenLSD with a specific Business implementation. Everything else is from OpenLSD project for example as the scripts to stop and start the server). Please see this How To use the OpenLSD framework, which was followed to produce OpenLSM and any other Howtos that should be followed to enable the OpenLSM server and services as an extension of OpenLSD.
  • The Web interface is based on the one from OpenLSD with some specificities for email handling like the “eml” mime type and the view or open/save options (view is only working in IE right now, Firefox gives always the open/save dialog whatever the option used).

Don’t forget that this implementation does not take care about Single Sign On, ldap protocol or whatever the way your users will authenticate themselves. Indeed it is out of the scope of this example to give you a full secure example as it should be highly dependant of your organization and rules. This web interface is an example on how to interact with the OpenLSM server and the LSM database. It is functional but without any security aspect to make it as simple as possible.