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HowTo Use OpenLSD Framework

You can find this HowTo in this PDF.


One story example

The example will try to cover all steps to follow on how to obtain a complete implementation for one particular application form the OpenLSD framework.

The example target is the following:

  • Each document will have four data: one string for the business index, one number for the business unit id, one string for the business owner id and one date for a life time limit for the document.
  • The logic of import will be of three kinds:
    • Import from Web services from applications running under Tomcat
    • Import from applications on a different server than the OpenLSD Server
    • Import from applications but after a file transfer on the OpenLSD Server
  • The logic of export will be of two kinds:
    • Access through applications running under Tomcat, limited according to the Business Unit id
    • Exporting documents to enable a copy on an independent media
  • The logic of obliteration of the documents will be of two kinds:
    • Deletion from applications running under Tomcat, limited according to the Business Owner id
    • Automatic from life time limit in batch
  • The logic of the exploitation will be as follow:
    • One LSDServer only at the beginning
    • One LSDServer later on (when the number of documents will imply to have a mirror of the storage since the save on tape duration will become too long)
    • Every day an incremental check of consistency will be done (with MD5).
    • Every week-end a full check of consistency will be done (with no MD5).

In this story example, You will find the database step, then the Data structure step, the Functions step, the Web step, the Jar Implementation Step and the final step.


Quick list

Here is the first attempt to start what will be later on a long documentation on how to extend OpenLSD to fit business needs. The objective right now is not to make the documentation as complete as possible but to show the main ideas.

  1. Identify the extension on database for the LSDDOCUMENT table
  2. Extend by implementing the corresponding classes (see example with
  3. Extend or adapt the interface of servlet functions (see example in WebSupport:openlsd.web.* and in OpenLSDWebImpl project)
  4. Finally create the new OpenLSD-Impl.jar that will replace the original one with your business.

OpenLSD takes a huge part of the work away from you. However, if you want to change par of the logic, you still can do it but you will have to take care about the main problem which is to obtain a new index when inserting a document in the system in an efficient way, both for parallelism (multiple import support) and for the ability to take care about deleted documents and so “defragmentation” on the storage.


The current implementation try to cover both problems. So take care to keep those implementations, except if you know what you do.