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Now is the point: How to use it in production?

  • First if your organization uses something different than ThunderBird, you should write your own extension to your email client in order to allow the principle of exporting one file and getting the index as you want.
  • Second, in this process, you should adapt this extension by adding or changing some information or dialog in the process of indexing if you want.
  • Third, you have to decide how to transfer those files (email plus index) to the OpenLSM server. Again, I would suggest either to use a standard protocol (as FTP) or a specific one (like OpenR66). This should be in the package deliver to every user.
  • Fourth, you have to adapt if necessary the OpenLSM server in the Business part. If everything is ok for you by default, you’re done! Else you have to adapt the Business logic according to the extension of your email client. You can also change the way emails will be stored. For instance, you can have a specific tool that analyzes inside one email to find more information to be incorporated into indexes. You can have also some transformation tools that change the format of the email (from eml format to PDF for instance, but don’t forget attached documents). You can also refer to Howto from OpenLSD.
  • Fifth, you will have to create your own web services from the example one by adding your own logic of security and login. It should be done quite simply since most organization have already this kind of tools adapted to its agreement. You probably have to think about who will be able to see what mails and also considering if there will be some limitation on storage (quota) or not.
  • Finally, give you some time with some beta test user that will give you back some extra information that you missed during the previous stages. For instance, they can want to have more default values in the index choice or more flexibility to access to business emails from business account (and not from personal one) for everyone that are allowed to receive those emails.