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KM Nagios


Once arrived at the Ministry, I set up a free solution of supervision (based on Big Brother in 2002). I developed a graphic interface (based on PHP) which made it possible to have a global vision of the whole concerned computer sites and a zoomer on one site up to the lowest level, namely technical information such as consumption CPU, memory or disc occupation or the state of one particular database (BBMAP project).


In 2004, because of the importance of the projects and the difficulty of migrating the teams accustomed to the Mainframe systems towards Unix with databases such as Oracle, the IT Manager decided to base all its supervision and administration on the basis of a software which would enable him to ensure better levels of qualities of services. This solution also enabled him to post business indicators for the Business Directions. I dealt with the drafting of the public market as well as his choice. Mr. Bruno Martinez was then recruited to conclude this project within the Ministry.


Considering the cost of this software, for the Intel servers (Blade Center), I developed in 2006 with my colleague Mr. Bruno Martinez a piece of software allowing to interface Nagios (another free software allowing to carry out a reasonable part of the supervision) with the software from the project (Patrol), this in order to profit from only one user interface (project KM-NAGIOS writes in C language).


If Nagios does not make it possible to answer completely on the whole points (databases, specialized software, safeguard, scheduling), it makes it possible nevertheless to add at lower cost and in a satisfactory way some simple components like the Web servers, the emails servers, directory, portal,…