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IT Architect


After my return in France, in 2001, I chose to integrate the Ministry of Finances within the DGCP, which started into the adventure of Unix (AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris) and of the relational databases (Oracle) after more than 30 years of Mainframe systems (ZOS and GCOS).


My role is to facilitate the move to new technologies by concentrating me on the technical aspects of architectures, of performances systems and of storages, of databases,… So my role is to advise upstream like downstream the whole data-processing projects of the compagny in the field Unix and Oracle.


My team consists of 8 people, including 6 expert technicians in fields as varied as the data bases Oracle, the operating systems AIX, the software production (safeguard, scheduling), the software for file transfers (CFT), and an analyst and a project leader for the precise field of the Electronic Document Management (GED).


I carry out projects as various as the definition of architecture and the implementation of Unix infrastructure for systems having to answer enormous loads (more than 2 million users Web in a few weeks for a platform of home-bankings), important requirements in resources for power or discs (Information Centers with more than 20 TB of discs and more than 2 million TPMC, system of GED with more than 2 Peta Bytes, 2000 To of files on line), or others more reasonable projects like the implementation of an architecture for an Intranet website (2 Blade Center, one in charge of the web services using Apache, PHP, Tomcat and the other one in charge of web caching and compression using Apache).


I take part in differents projects from massive transactional systems to systems based on batchs. Deployed architectures mix at the same time servers of type Unix Mainframe (servers with 64 Power 5 processors) when the needs for power and storage are very important as of the more modest servers type like Blade Center (up to 5 Blade Center of 14 blades each using Intel Bi processors) when the needs raised more networks services to multiple customers such as the Web services, directories, proxy,…


Person in charge of the Unix service for the Ministry, I take part in the evolution of the data processing of the Ministry towards a centralized and robust, evolutionary system and allowing scaling economies in term of investments and allowing to meet new needs quickly. One of the most important constraints of the Ministry is its obligation to answer the diary voted by the legislator with new services, even if those services concern imaginary when the legislator decided.


This participation resulted in the drafting of the technical conditions drafts, the reading of the offers and the drafting of choice, the implementation of the public bids thus signed and their control at the technical level.


Successive optimizations of the platforms or the council concerning the optimization occupies a big part of my time, so much the needs were large, with very fast growth and the decisions of evolutions or implementation of new services without interruption.


I take part in many feasibility studies upstream of the projects, but also in many studies in phase of receipt of the projects, even in phase of production.


Although covering subjects whose prevalence of the proprietary software are obvious, I took an active part in the introduction of the open source within the Ministry. This led me to carry out even some of these projects.


From December 2009, I change of employer and go to SOLUCOM, a consultancy society, specialized on IT. I have now the position of a senior architect manager, my focus beeing on technical architecture.